Medical Lamps

High-Quality Lights for Medical Examination from Australian suppliers

When it’s most crucial, count on our products to give you the best possible view. Redbank supply a range of minor surgical and medical examination lights for the Australian medical and veterinary markets. Available in a range of sizes, and with models that mount to the wall, ceiling or floor, we provide lamps suitable for any clinic or surgery. Our Iris LED line even features a duo model with a second lamp, for when multiple tight areas of strong illumination are needed.

Choose Redbank over other Australian medical examination lights suppliers. Our products are fully compliant with the requirements of the health industry and specifically designed to meet a diverse range of medical and surgical needs. Easy to clean and often come with removable and separately sterilisable handles, Redbank products are convenient, hygienic and practical. With surgical lights providing multiple temperatures of light, both specialist clinics and broad, general practices can find equipment to suit all of their needs.

As experienced and trusted surgical lights suppliers, we offer medical examination light products that few companies in Australia can match. Our company is proud to provide Derungs Examination and Minor Surgery and Maggylamp Medical Lights for sale.