OpticLux Magnifier Luminaire

NEW! OpticLux Magnifier Luminaire

OpticLux Magnifier has everything a modern magnifier luminaire is meant to have: a robust magnifier with 1.9x magnification, the latest LED modules, a huge 1200mm reach with ergonomically tested arm joints and intuitive operation. Opticlux’s biggest plus is its daylight-quality light field, its outstanding color rendering properties and its maintenance-free life cycle. As an approved medical device, it can be widely used in dermatology, human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine, in laboratories and for monitoring sterilized products.

  • Color temperature daylight white 6500 K.
  • Acrylic lens with 3.5 dioptres. (1.9x magnification)
  • Color rendering properties CRI > 93, R9 > 90, R13 > 95.
  • Bright, homogeneous light field (6000 lx / 0.15m).
  • Continuously dimmable.
  • Large viewing field: 153mm diameter
  • Durable premium casing.
  • Optional Wood light: 365 nm.
  • Arm length 1100mm
#ML164 Opticlux with ceiling pole max 115cm (can be cut to length). Buy Online!
#ML165-B Opticlux with Bench Clamp.
#ML165-S Opticlux with Mobile Stand.
#ML165-W Opticlux with Wall Bracket.
#ML166 Opticlux Woods Light with ceiling pole max 115cm (can be cut to length). Buy Online!
#ML167-B Opticlux Woods Light with Bench Clamp. Buy Online!
#ML167-S Opticlux Woods Light with Mobile Stand. Buy Online!
#ML167-W Opticlux Woods Light with Wall Bracket. Buy Online!
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