Lighting Cages & Guards

Lighting Cages

Our Australian made lighting cages feature:

  • Our range of locally made metal lighting cages to protect your lights from vandalism and theft.
  • Coatings: Galvanized Spray as standard or powder-coated (optional)
  • Two  guards available: Ceiling/Wall Mount and Floor Mount (40x40x3mm Angle)
  • Mesh size: 25x25x3mm or optional 50x50x4mm
  • Stock sizes available also offer MADE TO ORDER
  • Lighting Cages
  • Customers we have supplied have been National Parks, Councils, Strata & Facility Maintenance, New Show Homes, New Developments etc
  • Take a look at our GALLERY of some of our cages installed onsite.

adobe-iconWire Lighting Cage Projects 

Ceiling/Wall Mount

#MLB/020208-W 200x150x800mm (MOQ 10 units)
#MLB/020213-W 200x150x1350mm (MOQ 10 units)
#MLB/030303-W 300x300x300mm
#MLB/040404-W 400x400x400mm
#MLB/040201-W 400x250x150mm ( Wall Mounted Exit Light)
#MLB/040201-C 400x250x150mm ( Ceiling Mounted Exit Light)
#MLB/060301-W 650x350x150mm ( JUMBO Wall Mounted Exit Light)

Floor Mount

#MLB/020202-F 200x200x200mm
#MLB/020208-F 200x200x800mm
#MLB/020213-F 200x150x1350mm
#MLB/030303-F 300x300x300mm
#MLB/040404-F 400x400x400mm
#MLB/050505-F 500x500x500mm