Upgrade Derungs Halux to New Visano 20-2

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As many clients would have experienced the old Derungs Halux Halogen 50 C L1 & LED 20 C L1 versions had a poorly designed arm that kept drooping and not holding in place.

We now can offer a solutions which fits directly into the existing pole, This is call the Visiano Upgrade Kit ML514KIT

There are 5 simple steps your qualified electrician should undertaken when upgrading your Derungs Halux:

  1. Remove grub screw and locking plate from the Halux.
  2. Take out the arm. The connecting cable inside the ceiling pole can remain or replaced with a new one depending on its condition.
  3. Insert Visiano 20-2 arm into ceiling pole and secure with locking plate and grub screw.
  4. Remove existing drivers and cable connections from ceiling plate and replace with the new drivers and cable connections for the Visiano.
  5. Secure them on the ceiling plate with double-sided tape provided.

The Benefits of upgrading your Halux:

• LED light
• Illumination 60.000lx/0.5m (25% more light)
• 21 Watt
• Light colour: 3500 and 4500K (selectable)
• New spring-balanced arm
• 360 degrees rotating light head


If you need more Technical information/ Drawing Diagrams or pricing lease call us on 1300 788 239, we have helped many Hospitals & Healthcare clinics with these upgrades.

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