Tevisio Magnifiers at Gosford Hospital Sterilising Dept

Tevisio - Gosford Hospital
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The Tevisio LED Magnifying Lamp has made instrument inspection so much easier in the Central Sterilising Services Department (CSSD) of Gosford Hospital.


“The Tevisio magnifier lamps have been a real asset in our CSSD area. The wide 150mm diameter lens gives a good viewing area, the dimming of the LED light allows inspection of reflective surfaces without flaring ,and the German designed arms are very easy to position”  – K.Beard (Gosford Hospital CSSD Manager)


These magnifiers made by Waldmann – Germany, were supplied by Redbank Group to assist staff in the inspection of surgical instruments before/after cleaning and sterilisation.

The wide 150mm diameter glass lens gives optimal viewing area and the dimming from 100% down to 10% is ideal for reducing reflective glare when inspecting the stainless steel surgical instruments.

The Gosford hospital have 10 Tevisio magnifiers and have recently ordered the clip on lens that increases magnification another power from 2 x to 3 x.

For more product information go to: https://redbank.net.au/ourproducts-view/tevisio-led-magnifier/


Ideal for inspection after cleaning
Ideal for inspection after cleaning


Add on lens gives higher magnification
Add on lens gives higher magnification

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