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Skin Cancer in Australia

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Did you know two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70 ?


Doctors use a number of tools and techniques to examine skin thoroughly, beyond what the naked eye can see. And melanomas that are detected and treated early are cured in 90% of cases.


To help detect these melanomas early doctors and dermatologist use the Maggylamp MaggyScan and the  Derungs Examination lights  which have excellent light and magnification.


These products have a great reputation in the industry for quality and durability.

Ceiling Mounted Magnifying Lamp

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The OpticLux is one of the only ceiling mounted magnifying lamps on the market.


The OpticLux has some great features such as :


  • Continuously dimmable.
  • Large viewing field: 153mm diameter
  • Durable premium casing.
  • Optional Wood light: 365 nm.


These features make dermatology and cosmetic clinics operate at ease.

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