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Derungs New Veterinary Lighting Brochure

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Lighting for veterinary medicine


Solutions for veterinary practices and clinics


You have a passion for animals. We have a passion for good lighting.

While you quietly take care of your patients, we take care of you. Optimal lighting is a very important component in the everyday operation of a veterinary facility.

Lighting for the perfectionist.

Veterinary science places high demands on the human eye and its visual performance. Proper illumination supports focused work, low shadows and low heat generation.

Good treatment is always preceded by good diagnostics. As with human medicine the veterinary medicine requires perfect illumination for treatment, examination and surgical operations. Good light keeps concentration up and eye fatigue down.

 Special Skin Diagnosis.

The skin is the barrier that protects the body against harmful influences. Damage caused by bacteria, fungal infections, viruses or parasites can result in skin diseases that require treatment. In veterinary practices, magnifier luminaires are also used routinely to aid in diagnoses or in performing procedures such as removing foreign bodies or sutures from the skin.

Daylight for every room.

A homogenous low-shadow room illumination positively affects the room perception and creates a soothing effect. Professionally planned lighting lets small or shallow rooms appear optically larger.

We offer complete solutions specifically adapted to our clients’ demands. Derungs examination and treatment luminaires offer operational flexibility, high energy efficiency and a unique design. State-of-the-art light technology guarantees ideal examination conditions. Illuminance, light colour and colour rendering of the luminaires can be individually adapted to the prevailing conditions.


Download your copy of the New Veterinary Lighting Brochure today!


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Pan Pacific Vet Conference Brisbane May 2015

Pan Pacific Vet Conference Brisbane
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Sound Veterinary Equipment had the Derungs LED examination lights on display at the Pan Pacific Vet Conference held at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre in May. This conference is only held every 5 years and is the largest vet trade display in Australia. Exhibiting here was imperative, so that vets could see the latest in LED examination lights. The Derungs lights that were displayed was the Visiano and the Halux LED. It was great to see Ron (from Sound) and his staff demonstrate these lights so professionally. Redbank had two staff members there to field questions and support the light demonstrations. The vets were impressed with the features of the Visiano, mainly the dimming and colour change.