Magnifiers / Lamps

Australia’s Best Range Of High-Quality, Durable LED Magnifying Lamps

Crystal clear optics and sharp definition when you need it. Redbank supply a large range of magnifying lamps and LED magnifiers for different applications from medical inspection to low vision aids. With models suitable for medical inspection, reading printed texts and for aiding in manufacturing or quality assurance, our range of portable and desk LED magnifying lamps offers solutions for many industries in Australia and globally.

Available in a variety of sizes, forms and magnifying levels, our portable magnifiers are useful for both those with poor eyesight and workers doing tasks requiring extreme accuracy, such as watchmaking or quality assurance. With a range encompassing traditional magnifying glasses with and without rims, jewellers’ loupes, linen testers and illuminated pocket magnifiers for reading, we have an option for everyone. Redbank offer Maggylamp, Waldmann and Schweizer Magnifiers.

Our magnifying desk lamps are perfect for Australia’s draftsmen, laboratory workers, metalworkers and medical professionals, or in any field requiring precision work. With a wide selection of sizes and magnifications, our desk lamps are a practical and affordable option for companies in many markets. Often available with desk clamps, wall mounts or with a variety of neck lengths and articulations, we encourage you to explore our range and find the product best suited to your task.

Medical and specialist lamps and lights

At Redbank Group, we know thousands of people in Australia and around the world count on our products so they can do their job. Our medical lampstraffic lights and magnifiers are machined to the highest standard. We are proud to manufacture many of our products ourselves, and those we can’t are sourced from respected and reputable companies, including TriLite and Waldmann.

For more information on any of our products, or to place an order, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our magnifying LED desk lamps are some of the best on the market, so find out how we can help you today. Call our Picton, NSW office today on 1300 788 239 or send us an email at