Portable ARC Flash Protection Blanket – The Cube

  • Quinsey
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The portable cube is made from a durable Aramid fabric that is tested and designed to divert energy away from the worker while performing every day electrical tasks.  It can also serve as an additional barrier to safeguard workers that are in close proximity to electrical equipment.

– The cube can be moved from site to site and can be deployed on multiple configurations.

– Meets ASTM F2676 and ASTM F3272 test standards and is rated for a maximum arc current of 40 kA (BTP 517)

– Anchoring is recommended for holding the structure in place to contain or divert arc energy.

– Foldable for easy storage

– Panel Size 2.1 meters High x 1.3 meters wide, 3 panels long

– The Arc cube is a great addition to our range of arc flash protective equipment. The cube weighs in at 45Kg and can be easily deployed and carried by two people


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