UV Lamps & UV Faceshields

ZAPP! Air Disinfectors


Light with ultra-short wavelengths damages the genetic material of microorganisms, which die at lightning speed. That is why we have been using UV-C in medical technology for decades. Our Swabian Engineers of Light are now taking this technology everywhere. ZAPP! uses UV-C lamps with a wavelength of 254nm. The air in the room containing viruses and fungi is continuously passed through the device’s body. The DNA and RNA of the microorganisms absorbs the UV-C radiation which blocks cell division – like sunlight, except it is much stronger and meaner. The microorganisms die. Good riddance, Corona. ZAPP! you.

ZAPP! IS VERSATILE: ZAPP!18 and ZAPP!80 can be used either as floor-standing or wall-mounted devices. They do not generate ozone or ionize the room air and are whisper-quiet. They are made of hygienic white, powder-coated aluminium.

ZAPP! IS SAFE: Thanks to the all-round protection, people and animals can stay in the in the room during operation and are protected from direct UV-C radiation.


  • Offices
  • Medical Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes for the elderly
  • Public institutions
  • Kindergartens
  • Schools
  • Pharmacies
  • Laboratories
ZAPP! 18 – UV-C, 18watt
#ZAPP80 ZAPP! 80 – UV-C, 58watt


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Hand Held UV Lamps

These UV Lamps have the following features:

  • 3 wavelengths available – UVA, B & C
  • 3 output wattages – 4, 6 & 8 watt
  • All mains voltage powered except ML 1950
  • Battery operated lamps are available in different wavelengths
  • Aluminium reflector are used to optimise UV irradiance
#ML 1901
4 watt, 365nm, UVA Discontinued
#ML 1902 6 watt, 365nm, UVA Discontinued
#ML 1903 8 watt, 365nm, UVA Discontinued
#ML 1921 6 watt, 300nm, UVB Discontinued
#ML 1922 8 watt, 300nm, UVB Discontinued
#ML 1930 4 watt, 254nm, UVC Discontinued
#ML 1931 6 watt, 254nm, UVC Discontinued
#ML 1932 8 watt, 254nm, UVC Discontinued
#ML 1940 Stand to hold UV lamps Discontinued
#ML 1950 4 watt, 365nm, BLB, battery powered Buy Online!
#ML 1951 UV Pocket Torch, 3 watt, 395nm, UVA Buy Online!

Mini Maggylamp

  • Rectangular glass bi convex lens 100 x 50mm- 2 X magnification
  • 4 x 4 watt UV Black light Blue (BLB)bulbs
  • Glass lens–will not easily scratch & degrade due to chemical cleaners
  • 240VAC mains operation
#ML 214 Mini Maggylamp with UV Light ( Discontinued see ML215)
#ML 215 UV Woods lamp with 4 x 4 watt UV bulbs Buy Online!
adobe-iconData Sheet for ML 215

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UV Face Protection

UV Blocking Face Shield

  • UV Blocking Face Shield
  • Faceshield provides full facial protection.
  • Provides UV protection from 200nm to 400nm
  • Clear UV plastic lens with no distortion
#ML 1801 UV Blocking Face Shield Buy Online!

UV Blocking Goggles

  • Provides UV protection from 200nm to 400nm
  • Adjustable back strap
#ML 1802 UV Blocking Goggles Buy Online!
adobe-iconUV Face Protective Products Technical Sheet