Slabcan Canister

Slabcan Canister

The one-piece way to install downlights in concrete.

The Slabcan Canister accommodates fittings with both ‘mousetrap’ and ‘butterfly clips, accept most generic brands of electronic transformers and are suitable for 12v and 240v Halogen (with optional heatshield), Fluorescent, LED and some R80 downlights.

FAST Integrating the transformer housing into slab canisters cuts down on wiring and installation times. We take the integrated canister concept a step further with an innovative one-piece design that makes installation even quicker.

With no component parts to assemble, there’s no time wasted on site – you simply fix the canister where you want it, install your conduit, and the job’s done ready for the pour.

EFFICIENT Made from tough, heat resistant ABS plastic, the Slabcan Canister is engineered to make electricians’ lives easier.

One-piece design ensures fast installation, and with an angled opening to let you curve conduit tie-down is quick and easy.

Installing halogen fittings is fast, simple and safe with a ‘pushin’ tailored round heat reflector.And when it comes to maintenance, the integrated housing means no searching for transformers.

VERSATILE One-piece Slabcan Canisters are suitable for 12v and 240v halogen, fluorescent, LED, and some R80 downlights while the integrated housing accepts most generic brands of electronic transformers.

The Slabcan Canister is unique in that it accepts fittings with both ‘mousetrap’ and ‘butterfly’ clips.

BETTER Fast and easy to install, able to accommodate most downlights and transformers, and capable of accepting fittings with ‘mousetrap’ clip, Slabcan Canisters are the smart way to install downlights in concrete.

The Slabcan Canister has the following features:

  • Material: Injection moulded flame retardant ABS
  • Accommodates for most LED and Halogen Downlights
  • One-piece design means fast one-step installation
  • Suits 90mm cutout downlights
  • The New LED Slabcan suits LED downlights with Integrated LED Drivers
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#SC90-V LED Slabcan Canister
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