Schweizer Magnifiers

Okolux LED Pocket Magnifiers

These Illuminated Schweizer magnifiers combine such an enlarged image with the advantages of optimised lighting. Individually tested light temperatures maximise reading comfort. Patients achieve better visual acuity with good and appropriate lighting.

They are used wherever it is necessary to enlarge an image. Be it for reading, in cases of reduced visual acuity, or to see details more clearly in hobby or leisure activities.

  • Compact pocket size.
  • Full range of magnifications from 2.5 x to 14 x.
  • Lightweight aspheric lens.
  • High intensity LED.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Microfibre pouch.
  • Requires 3 x AAA batteries.
  • Quality German optics.
#ML 1221 Okolux Mobil Pocket Magnifier, 3 X (Ø85mm) lens, 8D
#ML 1222 Okolux Mobil Pocket Magnifier, 2.5 X (Ø100mm) lens, 6D
#ML 1223 Okolux Mobil Pocket Magnifier, 3.5 X (75 x 50mm) Rectangular lens, 10D
#ML 1224 Okolux Mobil Pocket Magnifier, 4 X (Ø70mm) lens, 12D
#ML 1226 Okolux Mobil Pocket Magnifier, 6 X (Ø55mm) lens, 20D
#ML 1228 Okolux Mobil Pocket Magnifier, 8 X (Ø35mm) lens, 28D
#ML 1234 Okolux Mobil Pocket Magnifier, 14 X (Ø 35mm) lens, 56D
#ML 1219 Okolux Mobil Stand Low Power , 5 magnifiers – ML 1221,1222,1223,1229,1224
#ML 1231 Stand for Okolux, ideal for reading/writing

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Okolux LED Stand Magnifiers

  • Handle/head design allows the magnifier to sit at correct focal distance on reading material.
  • Quality German optics.
  • Good for those who may not have steady hand.
  • Full range of magnifications from 3 x to 14 x.
  • High intensity LED – low power consumption.
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries.
#ML 1203 Okolux Reading Magnifier, 3 X (100 x 75mm) lens, 8 Diopter
#ML 1204 Okolux Reading Magnifier, 4 X (Ø70mm) lens, 12 Diopter
#ML 1205 Okolux Reading Magnifier, 5 X (Ø60mm) lens, 16D
#ML 1206 Okolux Reading Magnifier, 6 X (Ø55mm) lens, 20D
#ML 1208 Okolux Reading Magnifier, 8 X (Ø35mm) lens, 28D
#ML 1210 Okolux Reading Magnifier, 10 X (Ø35mm) lens, 39D
#ML 1212 Okolux Reading Magnifier, 12 X (Ø35mm) lens, 48D
#ML 1214 Okolux Reading Magnifier, 14 X (Ø35mm) lens, 56D