Fibre Optic Light Sources

Euromex LED Fibre Optic Light Source

Multifunctional High powered LED 6500 K light source.

  • The LE5211-LED is a commonly used cold light source and has High powered LED as light source.
  • The light intensity is adjustable and the color temperature is max 6.500 K. Standard without light guide.
  • The brightness of the High Power LED version is equivalent to a 120 W halogen cold light source.
  • Wide range of light guides-single arm, dual arm, ring light that suit LE5211-LED light source.


#LE 5211 -LED
Euromex LED Fibre Optic Light Source, 6500K, 240VAC Buy Online!
#LE 5214
Dual arm fibre optic light guide, flex gooseneck, 500mm long, 4 mm diameter Buy Online!


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