Economy Magnifiers

Bar Magnifiers

  • Acrylic bar magnifiers are ideal for reading.
  • Often referred to as brightfield magnifiers
#ML 890
Bar Magnifier, 210mm long, 2 x magnification
#ML 891 Bar Magnifier, 160mm long, 2 x magnification
#ML 892 Bar Magnifier, LED illuminated, 160mm long, 2 x magnification, on/off touch switch

Oyster Folding Magnifiers

  • Ideal for inspection, low vision
  • Comes with pouch
  • 4 magnifications available, 4x, 6x,8x,10x
  • Aspheric acrylic lens, Ø35mm
#ML 784 Oyster Mag, 4x
#ML 786 Oyster Mag, 6x
#ML 788 Oyster Mag, 8x
#ML 790 Oyster Mag, 10x

Mag Eyes ‘Discontinued’

  • Ultra lightweight- 50 gram
  • Use with/without glasses
  • One size fits all
#ML 400
Mag Eyes with 2 lens (1.6 / 2.0x) Buy Online!
#ML 410 Mag Eyes with 2 lens (2.25 / 2.75x) Buy Online!

Hat Eyes

  • Clips to most cap or hat brims at least 75mm in length.
  • Ideal for fly tying & fishing knots
  • 4 strengths available. Includes clip & one lens
#ML 401
Hat Eyes, 1.6x
#ML 402 Hat Eyes, 2.0x
#ML 403 Hat Eyes, 2.25x
#ML 404 Hat Eyes, 2.75x
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Neck Magnifier

  • Hands free
  • Rectangular or round model
#ML 895
Round Magnifier, 100mm Ø, 1.5x
#ML 896 Rectangular Magnifier, 120 x 90mm, 1.5x
#ML 897 Light to suit above models

Clamp/Hood Magnifier

  • Compact, portable, clips onto tables
#ML 901 Round MagClamp Magnifier, Ø90mm 2.3x, 45mm clamp
#ML 902 Clamp Magnifier, Ø110mm 2x, 45mm clamp
#ML 903 Clamp Magnifier, Ø130mm 1.5x, 45mm clamp

Sherlock Magnifiers

  • Solid Handle and rim
  • Clearview Acrylic Lens
  • All Magnifiers 2 x
#ML 933 Sherlock Magnifier, 3.5” (Ø88mm) Buy Online!
#ML 934 Sherlock Magnifier, 3” (Ø76mm) Buy Online!
#ML 936 Sherlock Magnifier, 2” (Ø50mm) Buy Online!