Downlight Covers

Firecones 2hr Fire Rated/Acoustic Downlight Covers

These downlight covers offer the following features:

  • Fire Rated up to 2 hours to AS 1530 Part 4
  • Cover expands internally and seals off ceiling penetration in event of fire
  • Can be installed from above or below
  • Acoustic cover-sound proofing (enabling Rw33 proof rooms)
  • Bush Fire Standard AS 3959
  • DLC150 only to be used for spitfires
  • DLC200 Suitable for LED fittings up to 13 watt
  • DLC250 suitable for LED fittings up to 20 watt
  • Easy installation- no screws or support fixings required
  • Ceiling insulation can abut cover , but not cover the cone
  • Stops draughts, insects, leaf litter and dust
  • Constructed from Rockwool and a graphite intumescent
  • Reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling
  • Call for pricing on large quantities.  Ph 1300 788 239
#DLC150 With wire legs-150mm (130 int) x 150mm high to suit 50-75mm cut out Buy Online!
#DLC200 With wire legs-200mm (180 int) x 230mm high to suit 75-100mm cut out Buy Online!
#DLC250 With wire legs-270mm (250 int) x 290mm high to suit 90-140mm cut out Buy Online!
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Isolite Downlight Guard

  • Isolite is a high temperature resistant and fire resistant downlight enclosure
  • Designed to prevent combustible materials in your ceiling coming in contact with ignition temperature halogen downlight globes
  • This easy to install retro-fit enclosure can be fitted without any disconnection or reconnection of wiring
  • Allows much greater insulation cover and stops draughts and energy loss through ventilated downlights
  • Prevents entry of insects, dust and allergens into living areas through downlights.
  • Acoustic rated (Rw30) to reduce noise penetration through the downlights
  • Isolite is 100% Australian made with over 10 years as a proven product
  • 3 models available depending on cut out size- 72mm, 94mm and open base
  • The I182 model must be fixed to ceiling with appropriate construction adhesive
  • All models have same external dimensions- 160mm x 145mm x 155mm high
#I 941 Isolite Downlight Guard,94 mm cut out
#I 721 Isolite Downlight Guard,72 mm cut out
#I 182
Isolite Downlight Guard, open base
adobe-iconIsolite Downlight Guard Brochure

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Transformer/LED Driver Isolator

The Transformer Isolator is an optional accessory for use with the assembled Isolite Downlight Guard.

  • Provides a neat solution in the ceiling not cluttered by transformers (off joists etc.)
  • Prevents transformer/driver from being covered in insulation material and overheating as a result of insufficient ventilation.
  • Easy clip on to Isolite guard.
# I TM1 Transformer Isolator, suits all Isolite Guards

Flexi Fire Resistant Downlight Covers- fit from below

  • Flexible fibreglass enclosures
  • Ideal for downlight protection between floors, eaves
  • Has thermal and acoustic benefits
  • Can be abutted to timber & insulation
  • Wire frame holds enclosure up away from lamp fitting
  • FRE0V model is vented for both halogen & LED lamp used
#FRE0V 150 x 150 x 150mm high, vented Buy Online!
#FRE3 F270 x 160 x 100mm high
#FRE6 260 x 260 x 130mm high
#FRE8 300 x 300 x 170mm high
#FRE9 350 x 350 x 230mm high
#FRE11 380 x 170 x 170mm high
adobe-iconFlexi Downlight Cover Brochure

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