Museum Lights Up Artifacts

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Its important to use good lighting when studying artifacts, that’s why Redbank have been a first point of contact for many years for Museums and Universities studying archaeology.

We offer a wide range of magnifiers from bench to mobile trolleys to suit any budget. What makes us unique to most other suppliers is our knowledge and expertise on how each product works.

The Best magnifying lamp on the market would be the ML160 Tevisio, German made. This magnifier is very robust and with a great ergonomic design. The light head is 160 mm whereas most magnifiers are only 120 mm, the spring arms are concealed making it very easy to use. The Light head can be adjusted in multiple directions by having the two knuckle joints just behind the light head.

ML160 Tevisio – Adjustable Light Head

Another Magnifier that is also used by Conservators is the MLD Maginifier, this is also German made lamp offering a large lens and and great arm reach. This Magnifier is priced well making it readily available to all enthusiast.

ML152 on Mobile Trolley(ML131)

The original ML201-LED Maggylamp is still made by Redbank Group. This magnifier was first produced in 1947 and still proving to be a reliable mainstay in the industry. The ML201-LED is a desk mounted magnifier which is now LED which will last a good 50 years.

ML201-LED Maggylamp first manufactured in 1947 and still made in Australia.

The most recent addition to the Maggylamp range has been our MaggyScan ML219 used by archaeologist out in the field. This portable Hand Held Maggylamp is rechargeable and cordless therefore giving you the ability to use it where ever you need it. In addition to this great product you can also get a 24vdc car charger and hard carry case.

MaggyScan – ML219 & carry case (Great option for field trips)

Our range of Bench Lamps are a must when studying small meticulous particles and ancient artifacts. Good light means less strain on the eyes and being able to work at 100 percent.

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