Importance Of Using Good Quality Medical Lights

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We all know that choosing medical lights can be a confusing, with many brands on the market at attractive prices.

Three main reasons to choose a quality examination light over a cheaper alternative.


  • As most LED examination lights these days have a good light output(Lux Level), cheaper lights have a low colour rendering index(CRI) which is an indicator of showing colours in natural daylight. eg skin colours and tone. The Derungs examination lights have a CRI of (Ra> 95, R13> 90) which is of a very high standard.


  • Long service life, safe and economical, low power consumption, built-in converter, maintenance-free housing, high-quality aluminium arm system and durable
    friction joints. Both the Maggylamp and Derungs lights have these features.


  • By using a quality light, patients will be assured of a quality work.


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