Ceiling Magnifying Light

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The Ceiling OpticLux Magnifier  #ML164 has been a popular light with skin and laser clinics (This light comes in wall, mobile or ceiling models)

Some key features with OpticLux ceiling magnifier below.


  • Designed and made in Switzerland
  • Large 160mm viewing lens.
  • Bright, homogeneous light field (6000 lx / 0.15m).
  • Colour temperature daylight white 6500 K
  • Great reach from head to toe
  • Well balanced arm, no drooping
  • Optional Woods Lamp: 365 nm long wavelength UV-A.
  • Wow the customer, great aesthetic appearance!
  • Used in renown skin clinics throughout Australia


Call us today on 1300 788 239 to see how you can improve your clinic space with quality Swiss lighting.

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