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We offer many different medical warning signs for many application.

These are made in house at short notice depending on quantity.

These come in 3 different text and colour styles.

To find out more and how we can help on your next health project give us a call on 1300788239 or email us sales@redbank.net.au

Looking for alternative medical light supplier in Australia

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Looking for a reputable brand of examination or procedure light that’s in stock?

For over 20 years we have provided our range of Swiss Derungs Medical lights to many doctors, medical center’s and hospitals all across Australia.

We have partnered with Derungs as they provide a quality, reliable light back by over 80 years of history. Find out more about Derungs history here and why we stand by our products. https://www.derungs.swiss/en/company/about-us/history.html

Redbank works with many leading health organisation in Australia such as NSW Health, Queensland Health, Builders, Electrical Contractors and Health Fitout company’s.

If you need advice or looking for alternative suppliers of medical lights or radiology warning signs give us a call on 1300 788 239.

Portable ARC Flash Protection Blanket – The Cube

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The portable cube is made from a durable Aramid fabric that is tested and designed to divert energy away from the worker while performing every day electrical tasks.  It can also serve as an additional barrier to safeguard workers that are in close proximity to electrical equipment.

– The cube can be moved from site to site and can be deployed on multiple configurations.

– Meets ASTM F2676 and ASTM F3272 test standards and is rated for a maximum arc current of 40 kA (BTP 517)

– Anchoring is recommended for holding the structure in place to contain or divert arc energy.

– Foldable for easy storage

– Panel Size 2.1 meters High x 1.3 meters wide, 3 panels long

– The Arc cube is a great addition to our range of arc flash protective equipment. The cube weighs in at 45Kg and can be easily deployed and carried by two people


75 Cal Arc Flash Suit KIT – Australia

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Redbank offer a wide variety of Arc Flash suits all the way up to 140 cal/cm².

It’s imperative to have the right Arc Flash PPE for the job.

Speak to one of our team to find out what will best suit your application 1300 788 239

Ceiling Magnifying light for Cosmetics

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The Swiss made OpticLux model #ML164 has become the number one light for many cosmetic clinics around Australia.  Some of the key features of the ML164 OpticLux listed below:


  • Designed and Made In Switzerland.
  • Large 160mm viewing lens.
  • Great reach from head to toe (shown in image below)
  • Concealed spring balance arm allowing for stable positioning without arm dropping.
  • No longer have to worry about cords or trolley, trip hazards.
  • Light is dimmable from on/off switch
  • Appealing to customers as it’s a modern, unique and only ceiling magnifier on the market.
  • As you are providing a quality service you want to have quality hassle free equipment.


If you would like a demo of this product or to find out more information please call 1300788239 or email sales@redbank.net.au

LED Dock lights available in Australia in stock

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If you are looking for a quality dock light the ML398 dock light is your answer.

The ML398 has proven to be a real winner to many larger corporations around Australia.

The ML398 consist of a robust IP66 head with a powerful 18watt light.

Find out more about or dock lights and stop\go lights contact us on 1300 788 239

Exit Light – Wire Guard

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Exit Light Wire guard available in wall or ceiling mount.

Exit Light wire cage 450mm wide X 250mm high x 150mm deep

Jumbo exit cages also available  650x350x150deep

Annual Holidays 2020 – 2021

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Redbank Group will be closed from the 18th of December 2020 to the 4th of January 2021, limited access to emails will be available throughout this period. For any urgent enquirers please email sales@redbank.net.au

To all our customers and suppliers have a enjoyable break and get ready for a bigger and better 2021!!

Ceiling Mount Magnifiers for New Podiatry Clinic

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When it comes to selecting new magnifying lights for your podiatry clinic look no further then Redbank Group. We offer some of the most advanced magnifiers on the market sourced from quality suppliers.

We offer one of the only ceiling mount magnifying lights on the market which is the OpticLux made in Switzerland. This lamp has a large lens and great move ability which Podiatrist like when assessing clients. What also make the ceiling light attractive is the slique design, concealed spring arm and no cords to trip over as opposed to a mobile version.

Another popular option is our MLD Magnifier, the MLD comes with a bench clamp or optional wall bracket or mobile trolley.

If you have any questions on what would suit your clinic best please call us on 1300 788 239





We Continue to support Australian Hospitals

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Redbank Group has supported many hospitals throughout Australia for over the last 20 years. Our leading brands of lights & Magnifiers have help many front line works from departments of sterilization (CSSD) to emergency.

Find out more on our range of hospital approved lights and Magnifiers https://redbank.net.au/products_category/medical-lamps/

Below are some of the Australian health firms we continue to support through these uncertain times.

Skin Cancer on the rise

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It’s important to get annual skin checks as skin cancers can appear anywhere on the body even areas that are not exposed to the sun. 2 in 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.

Over the years we have worked with many doctors to provide adequate lighting and devices to detect skin cancer in its early stages. As this is a very critical task using quality Examination and Magnifying lamps is a must.

To find out more how we can help your general practice please call one of our team on 1300 788 239

Increase in melanoma cases in Australia – Sky news


Biosecurity Approved Magnifiers & Microscopes

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Redbank Group have been providing many Maggylamps ML201-LED and Stereo Microscopes to freight forwarders to inspect fresh fruit and vegetables.

With a wealth of knowledge in what is required, we can provide you with the correct equipment for Australian Standard Biosecurity checks

Approved onsite biosecurty providers https://www.agriculture.gov.au/import/arrival/arrangements/sites#class-24-fresh-produce-nursery-stock-and-cut-flowers

ML201-LED Maggylamp & ML746 Stero Microscope in Biosecurity Lab.

LED Signal Lights for Container Spreaders

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The LED Signal spreader lights are widely used in ports around Australia and the world. They provide excellent durability to extreme vibration and shock.

The Signal lights are suitable for container spreader, harbor loading equipment, and outdoor conveyor applications

Redbank Group have been able to supply these lights to leading dock yards in Australian to Port of Botany and Brisbane.

To find out more please click on attached PDF

Annual Shutdown Dates 2019 – 2020

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Redbank Group will be closed from the 20th of December 2019 to the 6th of January 2020, limited access to emails will be available throughout this period. For any urgent enquirers please email sales@redbank.net.au

To all our customers and suppliers have a enjoyable break and get ready for a bigger and better 2020!!

Museum Lights Up Artifacts

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Its important to use good lighting when studying artifacts, that’s why Redbank have been a first point of contact for many years for Museums and Universities studying archaeology.

We offer a wide range of magnifiers from bench to mobile trolleys to suit any budget. What makes us unique to most other suppliers is our knowledge and expertise on how each product works.

The Best magnifying lamp on the market would be the ML160 Tevisio, German made. This magnifier is very robust and with a great ergonomic design. The light head is 160 mm whereas most magnifiers are only 120 mm, the spring arms are concealed making it very easy to use. The Light head can be adjusted in multiple directions by having the two knuckle joints just behind the light head.

ML160 Tevisio – Adjustable Light Head

Another Magnifier that is also used by Conservators is the MLD Maginifier, this is also German made lamp offering a large lens and and great arm reach. This Magnifier is priced well making it readily available to all enthusiast.

ML152 on Mobile Trolley(ML131)

The original ML201-LED Maggylamp is still made by Redbank Group. This magnifier was first produced in 1947 and still proving to be a reliable mainstay in the industry. The ML201-LED is a desk mounted magnifier which is now LED which will last a good 50 years.

ML201-LED Maggylamp first manufactured in 1947 and still made in Australia.

The most recent addition to the Maggylamp range has been our MaggyScan ML219 used by archaeologist out in the field. This portable Hand Held Maggylamp is rechargeable and cordless therefore giving you the ability to use it where ever you need it. In addition to this great product you can also get a 24vdc car charger and hard carry case.

MaggyScan – ML219 & carry case (Great option for field trips)

Our range of Bench Lamps are a must when studying small meticulous particles and ancient artifacts. Good light means less strain on the eyes and being able to work at 100 percent.

University Of Otago -Technical Services Laboratory

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Redbank Group were pleased to supply University of Otago Dental Laboratory with 180 ML155-LED Maggylamps. The Maggylamp bench lamps have become very popular with dental technicians throughout Australian and New Zealand because of the high lumen out put, which can be dimmed down to 10%.

These Maggylamp bench lights are extremely ergonomic and robust that can be suited to any workplace application or workstation.

To find out more about these lights click on the spec sheet here, or call us to how they can benefit your work space area.

Find out more about University of Otago Dental School.

ML155-LED Dental Bench Lamp

Manufacturing Jewellers Bench Lighting & Magnifiers

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When Manufacturing jewellery lighting is a valuable resource, to make sure eye for detail is lasting while creating a invaluable pieces of jewellery.

Our Maggylamp ML155-LED in action for a jeweller in Sydney

We have supplied many many manufacturing jewellers throughout Australia with great Bench lamps with in there budget. First we have our Maggylamp Bench Lamp which is dimmable 6000K light which puts out great light at a great price.

We also supply many high end jewellers with our Waldmann range of lamps. The Taneo Bench Lamp and Tevisio Magnifying lamp are manufactured in Germany using high end optics and materials. Both of these lights would be any jewellers dream using great aesthetics and light. Rolex and many other reputable brands have chosen Waldmann products for the manufacturing workplace areas.

New Medical Practice Lighting

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When designing a new medical practice selecting the right lights can be a hurdle.New Medical Practice Lighting


We have taken the guess work out by offering quality Derungs examination and procedure lights from in Switzerland.


The following brochure we have complied is a useful guide to selecting lighting for your clinic. New Medical Practice Lighting


Need advice on where to put your lights? Call us on 1300 788 239


ANZAC Day Closure

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The Redbank Team will be out of office on the 25th of April to remeber those that served our nation.

We will be back in office on the 26th of April at 8am.

Have a safe holiday to all of our Australian and New Zealand Customers.