Setting up examination lights for healthcare

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Light is an essential requirement in modern medicine.

The choice of an appropriate lighting solution may be facilitated in a decisive manner by carrying out different lighting calculations and visualisations. A global idea of the luminances and their distribution is therefore available right from the beginning of the study. This allows the architect and user to realistically understand a solution’s feasibility and will help in the decision making.

Redbank Medical Group can solve yor lighting needs with our “one-source” solutions:

  • The same lighting system can be used for the reception, the corridors, the rooms, the bathroom facilities, stairwells and day rooms.
  • This leaves the eye plenty of time to adjust to the given light level.
  • Very easy up-keep and maintenance with few tools thanks to the similar structure for the luminaires.
  • Project visualisation to help decision making.
  • Professional assistance for lighting calculations.
  • Adapted lighting for individual needs.

The professional planning of illumination requires considerable expertise and partnership.

We can assist you in specific projects and to elaborate a detailed lighting concept.

Ceiling Mounted Magnifying Lamp

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The OpticLux is one of the only ceiling mounted magnifying lamps on the market.


The OpticLux has some great features such as :


  • Continuously dimmable.
  • Large viewing¬†field: 153mm diameter
  • Durable premium casing.
  • Optional Wood light: 365 nm.


These features make dermatology and cosmetic clinics operate at ease.


And the winner is ……

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  • Ceiling mount magnifying lamp
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And the winner is … our magnifying luminaire OPTICLUX! She wins the i-NOVO Award 2017 in the category Design. OPTICLUX has successfully mastered a three-stage evaluation process. We look forward to working together with the product management and the engineers who have invested a lot of passion in the development.

OpticLux Magnifier Luminaire


Visiano 20-2 Upgrade Kit at Medical Clinic

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Is it time to update you medical clinic with the latest and greatest lights ?

We had the opportunity to upgrade a Gold Coast Medical Practice Last week to the New Visiano 20-2.

As they already had existing Derungs examination lights we could use the existing pole mounts and simple swap over the transformer and replace the lower arm for a complete new upgrade too make the lights more versatile and user friendly.

Visiano Upgrade Kit