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“X-Ray In Use” Medical Illuminated Warning Signs

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Over the years we have been asked by many of our clients can we supply warning signs for radiology and medical imaging centers.

We have managed to develop two types that have been very popular in Australia, Backlit and Edgelit signs these have been a great choice for different applications and mountings above doors and in corridors etc.  please see the attached link,

We have four main signs  “X-ray, Laser, Ultrasound or Radiation in use” we can also custom design to suit your needs.

Please get in touch with Redbank Group for the next project you are working on.


WL-100 – Light Off
WL-100 Light On

The New MaggyScan Has Arrived

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We’ve heard from medical professionals across the country, and have joined forces with Australian designers and manufacturers to bring you the MaggyScan Portable Maggylamp made in Australia.


This hand held magnifier is excellent for dermatologist and skin cancer doctors as it has a large 125mm glass lens for viewing skin spots on initial check ups.


Premium LED’s 5000K with CRI 85 which gives doctors a great contrast between the skin and foreign particles.


The light out put is intense putting out 6000lux @ 25cm which gives great pick up.


The portability of the MaggyScan also allows doctors to take the device to multiple clinics or rural check ups with additional carry case.

Ceiling Mounted Magnifying Lamp

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The OpticLux is one of the only ceiling mounted magnifying lamps on the market.


The OpticLux has some great features such as :


  • Continuously dimmable.
  • Large viewing field: 153mm diameter
  • Durable premium casing.
  • Optional Wood light: 365 nm.


These features make dermatology and cosmetic clinics operate at ease.

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And the winner is ……

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And the winner is … our magnifying luminaire OPTICLUX! She wins the i-NOVO Award 2017 in the category Design. OPTICLUX has successfully mastered a three-stage evaluation process. We look forward to working together with the product management and the engineers who have invested a lot of passion in the development.

OpticLux Magnifier Luminaire